About Us

Welcome to Clockwork Steampunk Emporium!

Welcome to Clockwork!

Clockwork Steampunk Emporium originally opened in Christchurch in April 2014 as 'Clockwork Emporium & Cafe'.  After over a year in the post-earthquake wasteland of the Christchurch CBD we relocated to the Old Bank Arcade in Wellington in late 2015.

We offer corsets, clothing, hats, jewellery, accessories, artworks and books with a Steampunk focus.


Muse Jewellery DesignMuse Jewellery Design

Muse Jewellery Design is our in-house jewellery brand crafting Steampunk, vintage and funky style accessories in a unique blend of Italian, Mexican and Kiwi styles.

Eco-friendly designs: recycling and re-purposing, that is why all of our Muse Jewellery Design creations are made in part or entirely using actual recycled clock parts and vintage watch mechanisms by Paula at our Wellington store.

We love working on custom orders, so if you have your own idea we are happy to develop it for you. Or if you see a piece in stock and would like something to be changed, we can do that too!

Our range of Steampunk clothing includes corsetry, clothing and more from local and NZ designers, and suppliers from around the world.

Corsets support your posture and their splendid designs make everybody look more fabulous, whether worn with jeans or as part of a stunning ball-gown.


Steampunk FashionClockwork Steampunk Fashion

A corset helps any lady to look her best, supporting their posture and looking marvellous!  A selection of coats, skirts, bustles and other accessories helps to complete the look.

Waistcoats add a touch of class and colour to outfits, while providing a pocket for the ubiquitous pocket watch!

A range of marvellous hats add character with top hats, bowlers, cheesecutters, aviator caps, pith helmets and more in abundance. 

Goggles are a core part of the Steampunk look, worn on the head or around the neck when not embarking of mad science or time-travelling adventure!


Steampunk Miscellany

We also stock a range of other Steampunk inspired items, including:

  • Steampunk books from NZ authors
  • Steampunk Tea from Wildflower Botanicals
  • Metal Earth sculptures that you assemble yourself
  • Handcrafted creations including mouse miniatures, rayguns and other artworks

We are always receiving new stock, so keep checking our website. We are happy to help with any requests, so please feel free to contact us.​​​​​