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Guide to steampunk fashion

Are you seeking something splendid to suit your striking, yet elegant, or subtle, yet bold style? Steampunk splendour is carefully weawed together from many elements and accessories. You want to stand out because of your splendid style, either with some funky details or a full splendid outfit. Our range of Steampunk clothing includes corsetry, clothing and more from local and NZ designers, and suppliers from around the world.


Corsets are amazing garments that support your posture and make you look slimmer and taller. Their splendid designs make everybody look more fabulous, whether as part of a stunning ball-gown or worn more casually with jeans for a night out on the town.

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With a splendid waistcoat you will add a touch of class and colour to your outfit, while providing a pocket for the ubiquitous pocket watch!

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Hats and Millinery

What about a marvellous hat? If you wear a top hat you will certainly add character but an understated bowler or cheesecutter will help you fight the chill while looking fashionable.

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Goggles and glasses

Goggles are a core part of the Steampunk look, worn on your top hat as part of the well-known Steampunk aesthetic or around the neck for a more relaxed look.


We also stock a range of other Steampunk inspired items, which will be perfect for gift giving or for adding a touch of finery in your everyday life including: Steampunk books from NZ authors Metal Earth sculptures (think of a small 3D puzzle) Handcrafted ornaments including mouse miniatures, rayguns and other artworks We are always receiving new stock, so keep checking our website. We are more than happy to help you with any requests, so please feel free to contact us​​​​!